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Center for Evidence-Based Crime Policy, George Mason University
Program evaluation, policing, crime and place, systematic reviews, criminal justice policy, environmental criminology, counterterrorism and security, GIS, firearms policy, community crime prevention, experimental and quasi-experimental methods

Faculty Members
David Weisburd, crime and place, experimental criminology, policing
Cynthia Lum, policing and security, technology
Charlotte Gill, juveniles and community crime prevention
Christopher Koper, firearms, policing, technology
Sue-Ming Yang, social disorder, terrorism, crime and place
Stephen Mastrofski, police discretion, police organization and reform
Linda Merola, courts, constitutional law, privacy
Laurie Robinson, criminal justice policy and practice
James Willis, policing, justice theory
David Wilson, effectiveness of offender rehabilitation, program evaluation methodology
Allison Redlich, guilty pleas, interrogations and confessions, wrongful convictions, mental health courts, and experimental criminology

Contact Info
Primary Contact: David Weisburd or Cynthia Lum
4400 University Blvd., MS 6D12
Fairfax, VA 22030
Phone: 703-993-3421
Website Address:

Center/Researcher Information
  • Number of Faculty: 14
  • Certified in Human Subjects Training (e.g., citi tran): Yes
  • Justice Agencies likely to collaborate with:
    NIJ, BJA, OJP, State/Local police agencies, Campbell Collaboration

  • Type of Outreach/Activities Engages In:
    Primary research, program evaluation, exploratory analysis, Translational Criminology Magazine, training and technical assistance, congressional briefings, academic articles, conferences, reports, web portals

  • Grant Writing Expertise: Yes

  • Past sources of research funding:
    NIJ, BJA, Campbell Collaboration, Laura and John Arnold Foundation, International Association of Chiefs of Police, Police Foundation, state and local government

  • Current Projects:
    School Safety in Ranier Beach, Seattle
    The Proactive Policing Lab
    Identifying Effective Investigative Practices
    The Evidence-Base of Body Worn Cameras
    Evaluation of TSA Security
    Relationship between police and technology
    Evidence-Based Policing Matrix and the Matrix Demonstration Projects (Evidence-Based Policing)
    Community Health, Anti-Social Behavior and Safety at Street Segments (NIDA)
    A Place-Based Community Oriented Approach to Youth Violence Prevention in Seattle
    Implementing and Evaluating Community Policing Strategies in Juvenile Crime Hot Spots
    Evaluating the Crime Control and Cost-Benefit Effectiveness of License Plate Recognition (LPR) Technology

  • Indirect Cost Rates:
    See Facilities and Administrative Costs at

  • Organizational policies on the use of collected data:
    See Office of Sponsored Programs,

  • Organizational policies on publications:
    See Office of Sponsored Programs,
    We maintain first right of authorship on publications for both government and non-profit, unless specified otherwise in subcontracts.

  • Number of Graduate Research Assistants: 13
  • Number of Administrative Assistants and Staff: 1
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