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Center for Crime & Justice Policy Research, Suffolk University
Criminal Justice Policy and Evaluation, Corrections, Juvenile Justice, Community Initiatives

Faculty Members
Maureen Norton-Hawk - Corrections, Drugs, Sentencing, Women & Crime, Criminal Justice Policy & Evaluation

Erika Gebo - Juvenile Justice, Gangs, Comprehensive Initiatives, Criminal Justice Policy & Evaluation

Contact Info
Primary Contact: Maureen Norton-Hawk, Co-Director
8 Ashburton Place, Boston, MA 02108
Phone: 617-573-8491
Website Address:

Center/Researcher Information
  • Number of Faculty: 2
  • Certified in Human Subjects Training (e.g., citi tran): Yes
  • Justice Agencies likely to collaborate with:
    Federal, state, local justice agencies as well as local community consortiums.

  • Type of Outreach/Activities Engages In:
    Invited Speakers
    Sponsored Symposiums
    Graduate and undergraduate research assistantships

  • Grant Writing Expertise: Yes

  • Past sources of research funding:
    Private Foundations
    States (MA, NH, RI)

  • Current Projects:
    Longitudinal evaluation of formerly incarcerated women.

    Action research evaluations of two gang reduction comprehensive community initiatives.

  • Indirect Cost Rates:
    Federal Indirect Cost Rate (F&A)
    76% of salary and wages (on campus rate)
    30% of salary and wages (off campus rate)

    Non-Federal Indirect Cost Rates
    Typically use sponsor recommended rate. If none listed, we use standard University rate of 15% x Total Direct Costs (personnel plus non-personnel expenses).

  • Organizational policies on the use of collected data:
    Use of data, stripped of identifiers, is used for publication and teaching purposes. Requests to limit data use can be negotiated.

  • Organizational policies on publications:
    Publications are made available to the public once they have been published. Work in progress or forthcoming availability is subject to author(s)'s discretion.

  • Number of Graduate Research Assistants: 2
  • Number of Administrative Assistants and Staff: 1
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