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James M. Jeffords Center for Policy Research, University of Vermont
Evaluation, research, quantitative methods, qualitative methods, Social Psychology, survey research, drug abuse, diversion, case management, service integration

Faculty Members
H.W. Meyers, Ph.D., Diversion
John Rogers, Ph.D., Diversion, Drug Courts

Contact Info
Primary Contact: H. W. Meyers, Director
104 Farrell Hall
University of Vermont
Burlington, VT 05405
Phone: 802-656-3161
Website Address:

Center/Researcher Information
  • Number of Faculty: 5 (Jefford
  • Certified in Human Subjects Training (e.g., citi tran): Yes
  • Justice Agencies likely to collaborate with:
    Vermont Supreme Court, Vermont Agency of Human Servies, DOJ, BJA, OJP, OJJDP, SAMHSA, Vermont Departments of Heath, Mental Health, Children and Families, Education, Vermont Legislature

  • Type of Outreach/Activities Engages In:
    Policy Briefings, Invited Testimony, Legislative Research and Program Evaluation, Training, Consultation to local governments on policy issues

  • Grant Writing Expertise: Yes

  • Past sources of research funding:
    Vermont Supreme Court, Vermont Agency of Human Services, Vermont Department of Education, OJJDP, SAMHSA, USED,

  • Current Projects:
    Court Diversion Evaluation (3); Incarcerated Parents Study; Service Integration for Human Services and Education;

  • References:
    Karen Gennett, Court Administrator, Vermont Supreme Court; Douglas Racine, Secretary of Human Services; Armando Vileseca, Commissioner of Education; Susan Bartlett, Office of the Governor, State of Vermont

  • Indirect Cost Rates:

  • Organizational policies on the use of collected data:

  • Organizational policies on publications:

  • Number of Graduate Research Assistants: 5
  • Number of Administrative Assistants and Staff: 3 core sta
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