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University of Kansas, School of Social Welfare, University of Kansas
Jason Matejkowski, PhD: Policies and services involving adults with mental illness who are involved with the criminal justice system or who are homeless.

Margaret Severson, JD: Research and practice in social justice venues, including mental health and suicide prevention programming in detention centers, divorce and child custody mediation, restorative justice and social work ethics.

Faculty Members
Jason Matejkowski, PhD: Adults with mental illness who are involved with the criminal justice system.

Margaret Severson, JD: Mental health and suicide prevention programming in adult detention centers, reentry program evaluation.

Contact Info
Primary Contact: Jason Matejkowski, Assistant Professor
University of Kansas, School of Social Welfare
Twente Hall
1545 Lilac Lane
Lawrence, KS 66044

Phone: 785-864-5851
Website Address:

Center/Researcher Information
  • Number of Faculty: 2
  • Certified in Human Subjects Training (e.g., citi tran): Yes
  • Justice Agencies likely to collaborate with:
    Corrections, community corrections, municipal and county law enforcement

  • Type of Outreach/Activities Engages In:
    Research, evaluation and technical report writing.

  • Grant Writing Expertise: Yes

  • Past sources of research funding:
    Federal, state, local, and private funders

  • Current Projects:
    Diversion of adults with serious mental illness from county jail, The strengths model risk management service approach, Strategies for post-release supervision of individuals with serious mental illness

  • Indirect Cost Rates:
    Current federal rates

  • Organizational policies on the use of collected data:
    As approved by University IRB

  • Organizational policies on publications:
    Faculty retain the right to publish findings from sponsored research.

  • Number of Graduate Research Assistants: 3
  • Number of Administrative Assistants and Staff: 2
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