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Center for Research on Violence Against Women, University of Kentucky
The Center has as its mission advancing the empirical study of intimate partner violence, rape, stalking, and psychological maltreatment. The Center has three primary areas of work: research, scholarship and public service.

Faculty Members
Carol E. Jordan, M.S.; stalking, violence against women in civil and criminal justice policy.
Ann L. Coker, Ph.D., MPH; health effects of partner violence, dating violence.
Diane R. Follingstad, Ph.D; forensic pyschology and partner violence, psychological aggression.
Claire M. Renzetti, Ph.D.; gender and crime, human trafficking.
Charles R. Carlson, Ph.D., ABPP; trauma effects and recovery.

Contact Info
Primary Contact: Carol E. Jordan, Director
Center for Research on Violence Against Women
University of Kentucky
108 Bowman Hall
Lexington, KY 40506-0059
Phone: (859) 257-2737
Website Address:

Center/Researcher Information
  • Number of Faculty: 5
  • Certified in Human Subjects Training (e.g., citi tran): Yes
  • Justice Agencies likely to collaborate with:
    The Center works with other universities, federal agencies which fund research, state government, advocates and other experts in the field to inform and strengthen research which addresses the causes and consequences of violence against women.

  • Type of Outreach/Activities Engages In:
    The Center's outreach activities include: research-to-practice events and trainings for advocates and practitioners, publishing research briefs, funding college scholarships for battered women, and conducting applied research studies.

  • Number of Graduate Research Assistants: 2
  • Number of Administrative Assistants and Staff: 4
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