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Vincent Webb, Ph.D., Sam Houston State University
Bill Blackwood Law Enforcement Management Institute of Texas

Correctional Management Institute of Texas

Impaired Driving Initiatives

Texas Regional Center for Policing Initiatives

Southeast Texas Applied Forensic Science Facility

Faculty Members
Dr. Gaylene Armstrong, Corrections, Program Evaluation

Dr. Todd Armstrong, Criminal Justice Policy and Program Evaluation, Criminological Theory, Offense Patterns

Dr. Jeffrey Bouffard, Community Corrections, Correctional Rehabilitation, Crime and Delinquency Prevention, Criminological Theory, Program Evaluation

Dr. Leana Bouffard, Criminological Theory, Violence Against Women, Quantitative Methods

Dr. Brian Boutwell, Applied Quantitative Analysis, Biosocial Criminology, Criminological Theory, Gene-Environment Interactions, Genetic/Biological Correlates of Antisocial Behavior, Life-Course/Developmental Criminology

Dr. Joan Bytheway, Forensic Anthropology/Human Osteology

Dr. Steven Cuvelier, Corrections, Computer Applications, Distance Learning, Research Methods/Statistics

Dr. Rolando del Carmen, Criminal Law, Insanity/Competency to Stand Trial, Juvenile Delinquency and Juvenile Justice, Law Enforcement Issues, Legal Liabilities of Public Officials, Prison Programs, Probation and Parole, Rights of Public Officials, Sentencing, Boot Camps, Capital Punishment, Courts and Criminal Procedures

Dr. Jerry Dowling, Crime Legislation, Criminal Law, Police Manpower and Deployment Issues

Dr. Kate Fox, Crime Victimization, Gangs, Corrections, Fear of Crime, Research Methods

Dr. Travis Franklin, Prison Violence, Fear of Crime, Sentencing Decisions, Prosecutorial Discretion, Quantitative Research Methods

Dr. Cortney Franklin, Gender and Justice, Violence Against Women, Institutional/Community Corrections, Women Inmates and Offenders, Custodial Health Care, Prison Violence, Fear of Crime

Dr. Charles Friel, Statistics, Research Design

Dr. David Gangitano, Forensic Biology, Statistical Genetics, Crime Scene Investigation

Dr. Randy Garner, Management, Executive Leadership, Applied Social Psychology, Interpersonal Conflict, Policing and Law Enforcement

Dr. Jurg Gerber, Comparative/International Criminal Justice Issues, Criminology, Drug Use and Drug Control Policy, Environmental Crime, International Criminal Justice, White Collar/Corporate Crime

Dr. Howard Henderson, Offender Risk Needs Assessment, Corrections

Dr. Larry T. Hoover, Crime Legislation, Crime Rates and Trends, Law Enforcement Issues, Law Enforcement Security Issues

Dr. Hee-Jong Joo, Crime Rates and Trends, Policy Analysis and Program Evaluation in Criminal Justice, Statistics and Research Methods, Institutional and Community-Based Corrections, Analysis of Hot Spots with Crime Mapping

Dr. Glen Kercher, Child Abuse/Child Sexual Abuse/Pedophilia, Child Abuse/Family Violence, Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children, Family Violence, Immigrant Victimization, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, Sex Offenders and Treatment, Stalking

Dr. Sarah Kerrigan, Forensic Science, Forensic Toxicology, Controlled Substances, Crime Laboratory Management, Quality Assurance

Dr. William King, Policing, Police organizations, Criminal and homicide investigations.

Dr. Dennis Longmire, Capital Punishment, Citizen/Public Attitudes toward Crime and Justice, Crime Rates and Trends, Insanity/Competency to Stand Trial, Public Opinion on Crime, Substance Abuse/Substance Abuse Treatment

Dr. Phillip Lyons, Forensic Psychology, Policing, Law and Psychology

Dr. Scott Menard, Statistical Analysis, Research Methods, Criminological Theory Testing, Life Course Criminology, Juvenile Delinquency, Substance Abuse, Victimization

Dr. Holly Miller, Clinical Psychology Assessment /Training, Cultural Diversity Assessment and Training, Law Enforcement Administration/ Leadership, Malingered Mental Illness, Offender Risk Needs Assessment, Psychopathy, Sex Offenders and Treatment, Special Needs/Assessment of Offenders

Dr. Janet Mullings, Corrections, Women in Prison, Sexual Assault, Intimate Partner Violence, Child Abuse and Neglect

Dr. Matt Nobles, Violent and Interpersonal Crimes, Guns and Gun Policy, Communities and Crime, GIS and Crime Mapping, Spatial Econometrics, Computer Crime and Cybercrime, Specialized Courts, Criminal Careers and Crime Over the Life Course, Criminological Theory, Quantitative Methodology

Dr. Willard Oliver, Policing, Public Policy of Crime and Criminal Justice, Historical Perspectives of Criminal Justice

Dr. Ling Ren, Policing, Comparative Criminal Justice, and Quantitative Methodology

Dr. Mitchel Roth, Historical Perspectives of Criminal Justice, History of Crime and Crime Control, History of Policing and Corrections, History of Terrorism, Organized Crime, Pre-Teen Homicide

Dr. Sam Souryal, Comparative/International Criminal Justice Issues, Criminal Justice Management and Administration, Ethics and Justice Issues, Law Enforcement Issues, Police Issues

Dr. Melissa Tackett-Gibson, Drug Use and Drug Control Policy

Dr. Raymond Teske, Capital Punishment, Child Abuse/Child Sexual Abuse/Pedophilia, Child Abuse/Family Violence, Comparative/International Criminal Justice Issues, Crime Legislation, Crime Rates and Trends, Driving While Intoxicated/Driving Under the Influence, Family Violence, German Criminal Justice System/Law/Procedures, Hate/Bias Crimes, Law Enforcement /Use of Force/ Operational Procedures, Prison Programs, Probation and Parole, Protective Orders, Sentencing, Victimology

Dr. Victoria Titterington, Homicide, Aging & Crime, Social Deviance

Dr. Michael Vaughn, Constitutional Law, Correctional Law/Prison Law, Criminal Law, Criminal Procedure, Legal Liabilities of Criminal Justice Personnel, Prison Health Care, State Tort Law

Dr. Vincent Webb, Crime Rates and Trends, Criminal Justice Policy Issues, Policing, Gangs, Human Trafficking, Social Science of Forensic Science

Dr. William Wells, Firearm Crime and Criminal Justice Responses, Policing Innovations, and Evaluation Research.

Dr. Chi-Chung (Jorn) Yu, Forensic Science, Criminalistics, Trace Evidence, Pattern Evidence, Analytical Chemistry

Dr. Yan Zhang, Sentencing Policies and Outcomes, Spatial Temporal Interaction of Crime, Program Evaluation, the Social Ecological Contexts of Delinquency, Crime, and Victimization

Dr. Jihong (Solomon) Zhao, Community Policing, Contemporary Policing Issues.

Contact Info
Primary Contact: Dr. Vincent Webb, Dean
816 17th Street
Huntsville, Texas
Phone: (936) 294-1635
Website Address:

Center/Researcher Information
  • Number of Faculty: 40
  • Certified in Human Subjects Training (e.g., citi tran): Yes
  • Justice Agencies likely to collaborate with:
    Local, County, State, Federal, International Law Enforcement

    Local, County, State, Federal, International Corrections

    Local, State, County, Federal, International Courts

    Professional Criminal Justice Organizations

    Private or Non-Profit Criminal Justice Groups

    Legal Organizations

    International Anti-Terrorist Organizations

    College, Universities or Research Foundations

    Forensic Science Organizations

    Crime Victim Groups

    Public and Private Secondary Schools

  • Type of Outreach/Activities Engages In:
    Leadership training of law enforcement and corrections professionals

    Training of law enforcement officers, school personnel and business leaders to recognized sign of driving impairment

    Training of law enforcement professionals in various aspects of forensic science.

    Briefings for legislators, social service agencies and other interested parties on crime victim issues.

    Training of high school teachers and students on the criminal justice and forensic science fields

    Training for law enforcement and community groups on community policing

    International exchange programs with criminal justice professionals

    Ongoing publications on undergraduate, graduate and faculty efforts and activities, including CJ Mandate, Undergraduate Newsletter, Graduate Newsletter, Faculty Research Notes, CJ Blog and Facebook.

    Undergraduate Conference to promote research skills.

    Beto Chair Lectures feature internationally known scholars on key topics of criminal justice

    Real Talk with CJ series features professionals from the criminal justice field.

  • Grant Writing Expertise: Yes

  • Past sources of research funding:
    Center for Innovative Public Policies

    The Forensic Science Foundation

    National Institute of Health

  • Current Projects:
    Law Enforcement

    Border security (Markovic)

    Gun and Gang Violence Reduction (Webb)

    NIJ Platform Grant on the Effectiveness of National Integrated Ballistics Network (King)

    Citizen Survey for Houston Police Department (Longmire)

    Hot Spot Policing in Major Texas Police Departments (Hoover)

    Self-Reported Illegal Behavior (Menard)

    Substance Use in Longitudinal, Intergenerational, Life course Perspectives (Menard)

    Links Between Environmental Toxins in Childhood and Behavioral Problems (Boutwell)

    Effect on Lead Exposure on Both Behavioral Problems and Language Acquisition (Boutwell)

    Self Reported Juvenile Delinquency in Hangzhou China (Ren)

    Campbell Collaborative Meta-analysis of the Use of GIS in Policing (Hoover)

    Cultural Differences in the Expression of Psychopathy (Lyons)

    The Impact of Neighborhood Crime Levels on Police Use of Force: An Examination of Micro Levels Using Geographic Information System Techniques (Vaughn)

    Texas Major Cities Research Initiative (Hoover)

    Texas Police Chief Survey (King)

    Development of a Comprehensive Police Information Management System (Hoover)

    Border Security Open Source Research (Markovic)

    Terrorism Data Aggregation and Visualization (Markovic)


    Probation Training Academy (Dretke)

    Jail Forecast for Harris County (Friel)

    Leadership Development for Jail Administrators (Dretke)

    A Randomized Evaluation of the Texas Department of Criminal Justice National Institute of Justice Prisoner Reentry Initiative (G. Armstrong)

    Assessment of the Impact of GPS Monitoring on Alerts Triggered by Sex Offenders (G. Armstrong)

    Assessment of Reentry Services in the Harris County Jail (G. Armstrong)

    Evaluation of the Texas Youth Commission Aggression Replacement Training Program for Delinquents Girls (G. Armstrong)

    The Role of Span of Control in Community Corrections Implementing Evidence Based Practices (G. Armstrong)

    Attitudes of Employers Towards the Hiring of Ex-Offenders (G. Armstrong)

    The Role of

  • Indirect Cost Rates:
    39 percent on campus

    17 percent off campus

  • Organizational policies on the use of collected data:
    Agency permission is always obtained before data distribution.

    Permission to use specific data sets coordinated by the individual institutes at SHSU.

  • Organizational policies on publications:
    Graduate student publications given priority.

  • Number of Graduate Research Assistants: 39
  • Number of Administrative Assistants and Staff: 33
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