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Name University State
University of Alaska Anchorage Justice Center University of Alaska Anchorage AK
Larry Salinger Arkansas State University AR
Center for Applied Behavioral Health Policy Arizona State University AZ
John R. Hepburn, Ph.D. Arizona State University AZ
Center Against Trafficking of Commodities and Humans, CATCH San Diego State University CA
Center for Evidence-Based Corrections University of California, Irvine CA
Center for the Study of Correctional Education California State University CA
Dale K. Sechrest, Emeritus California State University San Bernardino CA
Jonathan W. Caudill, Ph.D. California State University, Chico CA
Julie E. Stokes, Ph.D. California State University CA
Presley Center for Crime and Justice Studies University of California CA
Sheldon X. Zhang, Ph.D. San Diego State University CA
Viz Center San Diego State University CA
Center for the Study of Crime and Justice Colorado State University CO
Denver Health Medical Center (DHMC) University of Colorado Health Sciences Center CO
Douglas Prutting, Ph.D. Remington College CO
Family Violence Research and Programs Yale University CT
Institute for the Study of Crime and Justice Central Connecticut State University CT
Edward R. Maguire, Ph.D. American University DC
Institute of Criminal Law & Procedure Georgetown University DC
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